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growing a church


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Jesus said,
‘I have come in order that you might have life – life in all its fullness’
· The Bible points us to Jesus and records his teaching.
· Prayer helps us on our spiritual journey.


Re Jesus

is a website sponsored by many churches which enables you to explore the question, ‘Who is Jesus?



comes from Scripture Union.  It offers daily readings and prayers as well as an introduction to the Bible.  If you would like a thought for the day as a podcast for you MP3 player, this is a place to go.



comes from BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship) & offers on-line modules in various styles to enable you to investigate Christian faith and to grow as a follower of Jesus.


(Stewartfield Church commends these materials to you but can accept no responsibility for their content.)

Try Praying

An introductory booklet may be down-loaded from www.trypraying.co.uk